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David Spader founded All-Win Leadership Solutions for leaders and organizations that seek more than just profitability. David leverages more than 20 years of coaching, training and consulting to implement an "all-win" philosophy that permeates through all aspects of organizational performance. This all-win approach strives to deliver solutions that meet the goals and objectives of an organization's customers, owners, employees, leaders and their broader communities. 

Our Mission

We provide solutions that improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers at all levels of for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Our Vision

To enhance the ability of leaders to achieve all-win solutions that transform and enhance their organizations and communities.

Our Values

Trust – Doing the right thing to ensure all-win outcomes for all

Adaptability – Creating and responding to new opportunities and challenges

Stewardship – Generously and responsibly using resources to promote growth

Leadership – Achieving shared goals with all stakeholders

A major component of our company's mission and values is to constantly give back to our community. One way we do this is by providing nonprofits, religious institutions and other community-based organizations affordable services. One example, is that any for-profit business can bring one non-profit leader to our training at no additional charge. Contact us for more details. 

Strategic Business Partners 

O'Connor Associates (OA) was founded by best-selling author and thought-leader, Dr. Michael O'Connor. It provides leading edge business solutions to organizations around the world. As a founding member of OA, David has an ongoing relationship in which he is currently co-publishing, researching and co-developing a variety of new tools for leaders and their organizations. Many know O'Connor best for his book, Managing By Values, or more recently The Leader Within, Developing Leadership & Character, Stepping Stones for Success or GPS for Success.

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